One Piece

One piece is a comic book which gives so many good examples on competition, friendship and perseverance.

“It is the golden age of pirates. Countless pirates sail the seas, searching for the legendary pirate Gold Roger’s greatest treasure, ONE PIECE.”

Most pirates in the era are determined to find the greatest treasure named ONE PIECE, which lies in an extraordinary and dangerous part of the world named Grand Line. Finding ONE PIECE will make the founder become the Pirate King, whose titled will be recognized as the conqueror of the sea.

Among those pirates is Monkey D Luffy. Little Luffy learned that being a pirate will lead him to many great adventures and to be recognized by the world. At the age of 17, Luffy began his quest to become the Pirate King.

The sea is a dangerous place, you can’t survive alone. As a matter of fact, being a pirate, Luffy didn’t have any friends/comrades to begin with, and he had no navigation skills, which is an important skill for sailing. So he started to find some reliable comrades to support his journey.

Along the way, he got new comrades one by one; Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook. Each of them had different backgrounds, different –dark- pasts, and even different dreams.. but they can all be united as one, as friends who truly believe in and protect each other. Their bond is even stronger than a family.

Luffy was always told that a boy like him will never find One Piece; since all pirates in the world were after that treasure, from small pirates like Buggy the Clown to famous, great pirates like Shirohige. But Luffy holds on to his dream and keeps on believing he’ll achieve that. No matter what people say, he will determine his own life and he will be the one who find One Piece.


“I can’t use swords, I can’t cook, I can’t navigate, and I can’t even lie.. That’s why I need a friend to help me.”

“I have friends who aren’t strong..but I will do anything to keep them all together with me. I’m glad that I meet you here because I can be stronger so I can protect my friends longer.”

“It’s impossible to be born in the world full of loneliness. You’ll surely find friends who will protect you.”

~One Piece is by far the best manga about friendship, perseverance and fair competition.. It’s greatly packed in joy, laughter, and even tears. Even though it seems like it’s filled with nothing good aside of fighting scenes, but when you look, think, and feel deeper, you’ll find the beauty of friendship, the strength of loyalty, the price of perseverance, and the undefeatable will to win the challenge of becoming what they want to be.~


Author: nadhilaaz

Still trying to figure it out.

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