Class Q it’s been 2 weeks that I’ve been studying at the University of Indonesia. Well you might be wondering why I’m already studying in college. “Studying?? College days supposed to start in late August or early September, right?” Since I was accepted at UI through PPKB program, just like the other PPKB students, I have to attend the matriculation program. Not familiar with that word? Well..the point is..all we do is studying. Exactly. Monday-Saturday, 8 am-3 pm. (Sometimes it even finishes at 5 pm :() How’s it been going? ABSOLUTELY TIRING. High school simply never ends, huh?

Well anyway, I’m going to write about the most imbecile English class I’ve ever been in.

Ok, so in this matriculation program, we have to attend language class (English), which takes place at FIB on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; and science class (math and physics), which takes place at FMIPA on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Oh, please..I’m so not interested in the MIPA classes. It’s like going back to high school where there are 40 students in the class listening to the teacher teaching science. Plus, it’s advanced science. wouldn’t want to hear that anyway. LOL. As for the English classes, it’s more like relaxing days. It’s been fun, thanks to Class Q.

I was placed in this class through the placement test. I (and some other PPKB students) took the late placement test on July 8th when everybody else already had their classes, so I had to temporarily join one of the classes for the day. I entered class Q on Thursday, July 10th, and it was still rather awkward for me on that first day. But later I found out that it’s really fun being in this class.

There are class A to Q in the English matriculation program, and people said that Class Q is the one with excellent grade. (Good for me, hopefully ;p) But in this class, we laugh all the time. Somehow, this is an excellent yet imbecile class; especially the boys. The head of the class is Leo, yet he’s the one who clowns around a lot. He likes to act as if he’s a becak driver (becak pake drive apa ride sih? kyknya kalo ‘becak rider’ aneh gitu hehehe), and Chiro pretends to be the passenger. He always makes the class alive, by making us play around most of the time. He’d play “Guess the Sketch”, or imitating others’ mimics, giving riddles, or any other games that would keep the class laughing. Then there’s Yudo, the other clown, LOL. He doesn’t joke around much, but the jokes are usually put on him instead. Ikhsan is Leo’s partner in crime, while Adhit..he’s somewhat the most normal male in the class. Oh and there’s Aldi, he rarely shows up but he’s usually ‘diceng2in’ to Zahro ;p

the boss

As for the girls; the majority of the population.. There’s Pricil.. oops, I meant PriSSSil! LOL. She really hates it when someone spells her name wrong. (Yeah, so do I.) I guess she’s like..the head of the girls. Heheh. She’s somewhat talkative; well it’s not as if the others aren’t, but..well it’s totally normal since she’s majoring in Law. Gosh, I’m so bad at describing..hahaha. Anya is, uhm..Prisil’s partner, hehe. And I like her English accent :p Aruni is Leo’s “brainmate”. Hehe..she always did it good when it comes up to Leo’s ‘Guess the Sketch’. I wonder if it’s because they’re from the same major..? No, I guess that’s not it. LOL. Irene is the artist of the class..she’s good at drawing and making comics. Well I would make the 2nd artist if only I still have my drawing skills :( I haven’t been drawing for quite a while now. See my gallery. My last submission is like..2 months ago. Dohh. D:

Ok, back to class Q. Jeni is.. “..First you say you won’t, then you say you will..” *sings* Oops, hehehe. Well, Jeni is..Irene’s partner. Wait. I have to stop using the word ‘partner’. Then Jeni is..the laptop girl. LOL. Yeap, when we need a laptop to work on our Project Work..she’d be the one who brings a laptop. And then..Sigma is the most unique name on the list. Believe it or not, her brother’s name is Gamma. Maybe if by chance she would have a little sister, she’s be named Phi. Or Rho. Or maybe Miu. Who knows. Nyehehe. Then there’s Riza.. Her hometown is the farthest among us in class Q, since most of us came from Jabodetabek. She’s from Lombok. Somehow I feel that her English accent is quite similar to mine. Hehe I don’t know, I guess so :p Zahro is (possibly) Aldi’s soulmate. LOL. Marsha is always so delicate (eh bener gak sih ini lemah lembut?) Weki..always reminds me of the anime “The Law of Ueki”..shishishi.  (I know. Lame joke. -__-) She doesn’t talk so much but is a critical person. Karin..uhmm she’s the Depok girl; she’s spent her whole life in Depok. Hehehe. Ajeng is the ‘bandar DVD’, hehe.. and always seems to be enthusiastic in doing MIPA assignments.. hahaha. Oh, and Tiara is the imaginary friend, hehe.. For the whole 1 month, she’s only ever showed up twice. Seriously.

Duhh. Sorry for my lame descriptions ^^; Well, we haven’t known each other for a very long time, but.. this class has made me laugh louder than ever. It was just today that I had to go to the toilet many times; I can’t help it, since I had something wrong with my stomach, plus, they made me laugh too much! That was a terrible stomachache, yet it was enjoyable (!?). Well, class Q had made my days. :D

Update on 290708:

So today was our last day! Whew.. but I don’t know whether to be happy or sad..

Today, the Project Work Fair was held. We took the ‘exit test’ in the morning, and added some final touch for our wall bulletin. It was nice, we felt proud for it. But when we came to the fair to decorate our booth (which is more suitable to be called a ’stand’), we were like.. WOW. The other booths are so well-decorated. They had so many decorations, seems that they’re very well-prepared. While ours.. Dohh. We only had our (simple) wall bulletin and magazine, some lamps/light bulbs, two model cars.. and nothing else. So we tried to find anything we could use to decorate. We finally bought a rug, took some remains of KSDI’s booth decorations, well..anything! We even took of the back layer of the stand to cover the table. LOL. Still, it was a very simple decoration. We somehow relate it to our topic, “Save the Energy”..though I think what we did is more like reusing. Hahahaha. As for promoting our booth..all we did was singing. Yeah, we sang. We sang our motto/tagline, “Save the Energy, Save the World..” (adapted from Heroes’ quote, “Save the cheerleader, save the world” :p) while Leo plays the guitar. When we saw other booths using laptops, we’d point at their booth and say, “Wasting energy!” LOL. It was kinda tiring (we didn’t save our energy enough, hahaha) but it was so much fun.

The funny part was that in the closing ‘ceremony’ which was held in the auditorium, class Q took the seats in the front row, made a lot of fuss, but we didn’t won any prizes! Hahaha shame on us ^^; but at the end of the closing, some of the students were asked to voluntarily give some comments, and Leo volunteered himself. He said that even though we didn’t win any prizes, one of us still get to show up on stage anyway. Hahaha..well ok, if that would count.

Update on 310708:

Today, class Q took a farewell trip to Ragunan! I didn’t go because I had some things to do.. Prisil said it was so much fun. Huhuhuu I wish I had gone with them :(

However, this one month has been sooo much fun, guys. I hope that we can have fun again some time later. Keep in touch! ;)

(I'll put up more photos as soon as Chiro sends me.)

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  1. of course not, haven’t I told you yesterday? seems like you didn’t really pay attention to what I said.. -_-;

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