One of Allah’s magnificent creation.
One that shows His Holiness, that He’s the Almighty God.

It can go, either walking or running, slow or fast.
It even flies, even though it doesn’t have any legs, arms, or wings.

It has an end,
but does it have a start?

It cannot be seen, or touched.
It cannot be sensed.
Although it does exist.

People say it is precious.
But it is so easy to waste.

People say it can heal things.
It can change things.
And it changes itself.
It can make things happen, or even erase things.

People even say  it can be managed.
Some say that they have much of it.
Although most would say that they don’t have it.

It cannot stop.
It can never go backward, can never be turned back.
It cannot go slower or faster, although that’s how it feels sometimes.

Time.. is a mysterious thing we can never really deal with.


This suddenly ran into my thoughts.. How time is a mysterious thing. (Yea, rite.. this is such a bad poem)

Kalo Englishnya salah-salah, mohon dikoreksi yah. Kelamaan ga dipake jadi kacrut begini.. =_=;

Btw kalo ada yang punya ide berhubungan dengan “waktu”, bagi-bagi yah.. pengen ditambahin lagi, hehehe