Yeah, I don’t know since when Google became a verb. Hahaha. But ‘Googling’ seems to have become a common word this days.

Anyway, have you ever tried Googling yourself? I mean, typing your full name in the Google search bar and then clicking ‘Google search’?


You gotta try it! :D

Yes, I know, Indonesian people call it ‘kurang kerjaan’.. But it’s fun! Haha.

I tried Googling myself back in 2008, in November.. and this is what I got on the first page.

Self-Googling Nov 2008

I tried Googling myself again, now in 2010.. and this is what I got.

Self-Googling Aug 2010 (click picture to enlarge)

Jyahaha. Just for fun. Besides, aren’t you curious about how popular you might be in the cyber world? *ngomporin, LOL*

Actually I was inspired by the movie Wanted, starred by James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson. He tried to search his name on Google and got nothing, pretty much like this:

Gee, how sad. Not even one??


Conclusion/moral of the story: He gotta at least create a Facebook account!

LOL :p