Yeah, I don’t know since when Google became a verb. Hahaha. But ‘Googling’ seems to have become a common word this days.

Anyway, have you ever tried Googling yourself? I mean, typing your full name in the Google search bar and then clicking ‘Google search’?


You gotta try it! :D

Yes, I know, Indonesian people call it ‘kurang kerjaan’.. But it’s fun! Haha.

I tried Googling myself back in 2008, in November.. and this is what I got on the first page.

Self-Googling Nov 2008

I tried Googling myself again, now in 2010.. and this is what I got.

Self-Googling Aug 2010 (click picture to enlarge)

Jyahaha. Just for fun. Besides, aren’t you curious about how popular you might be in the cyber world? *ngomporin, LOL*

Actually I was inspired by the movie Wanted, starred by James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson. He tried to search his name on Google and got nothing, pretty much like this:

Gee, how sad. Not even one??


Conclusion/moral of the story: He gotta at least create a Facebook account!

LOL :p

Author: nadhilaaz

Still trying to figure it out.

5 thoughts on “Self-Googling”

  1. hehehe lewat HP ga kelihatan capture-annya.

    self googling…done that
    post googling…done that and found people copying my post
    blog googling … done that.

    Hehehe dulu wktu da internet gratis di skul jd suka kurang kerjaan.

  2. Eh dhil, gw pernah nih googling myself kyk gini! and guess what! Ada yg kita ikutan Smart Contest itu! wkwkwkwkwkwk…. Bukan foto atau apa sih, cuma list kontestan, yg masuk 10 besar, atau apaaaaa gtu..

    1. iya, itu kan ada wul di gambar yg pertama, november 2008, paling bawah.. “peringkat terbaik smartcontest”, hahaha duh jd kangen masa2 kita beraksi bareng caesar.. haha

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