I don’t know since when I think that when you turn 20, leaving teenage life and becoming an adult, it feels as if you stop growing up, only growing old. Like, do you remember the time when you’re in elementary school, and then you meet your big family in family gathering or such events, and then someone would say, like, “My, look at how you’ve grown!”And then it goes the same way, same old comment when you’re in junior high, senior high, and… it seems to stop when you’re 20. (Well yeah cz when you’re 20, the question will turn into, “When are you getting married?”)

My point is, 20 is like the age when you stop growing up. Just think about it; look at yourself when you’re a 10 years-old child, and then you grow up into a 20 years-old man/woman. Doesn’t the change look obvious? It seems obvious that you grow up; you change, physically, and mentally, from an innocent kid to a… well, someone else. If you find it hard to comprehend, just look at Harry Potter and his friends from his first to last movies. See the what I mean? Your appearance change essentially, your knowledge increase significantly, your taste change drastically, etc. Point is.. you just.. change.

But starting on 20? Well, if you’re not yet 20, then try to look at people around you, especially those who are close enough to you to observe, who are already 20 or over. Well, suppose 20-30 y.o. It’s just.. the changes in 10 years after 20, (if any,) are not really that significant, (or at least physically), compared to the 10 years change before 20. And how do you suppose someone would have a significant mental change after the age 20? People build their personality, their characteristics, at least until they’re aged 16. After that, no more “editing”. It’s already “printed”. So if you find a person so annoying, well..then most probably, that’s just who he is. (Well, you can simply say it like that..)

Yeah, adulthood seems like the last stage of life….though it’s not.

20 is the real start of life. In my opinion, turning 20 is supposed to be more special than turning 17. You’re still considered a teenager even after you turn 17. There’s still eighteen and nineteen. But 20? Oh well. No more carefree days. No more tolerance. Buh-bye peaceful life..

Leaving teenage life and entering the world of adults..seems so scary. It is full of  responsibilities, lies, deceits, politics, uncertainty.. and everything else scary. It’s just the wild, wild world of adulthood out there. You’re (basically) on your own. Makes me feel like I don’t wanna be an adult. Ever. Must be cool to be like Peter Pan. (The tale, the character..not the band.)

I see older people who seem to be so not wise, who have higher positions; make decisions that are unfortunate, pointless, or might even give harm to the public; to many people’s sake.. Suppose, the government officials, or..well, even lecturers. They often give out regulations or orders..that are basically pointless, unimportant, or sometimes even unfortunate to many people.. That sucks. Can’t they see it sucks? What’s wrong with them? Sometimes it’s as if they don’t use their logic, as if they’re out of rationality! So weird. I don’t wanna go into the world of adulthood. It’s weird. It’s scary. I don’t wanna be like that. If I really have to be an adult, I don’t wanna be like that. Please, dear myself, do NOTbe like that.

Well.. you’ll grow old, whether you like it or not. You have to live, whether you want to grow up or not.

You still have to be grateful that God gives you more time to live. It’s a blessing. It’s a chance. A chance to give something out of your life. A chance to be better, a chance to do better, a chance to be useful, a chance to be meaningful. A chance to thank God for giving you your life. A chance to prepare as much as possible for The Day you meet Him. As this life will finally end.

Oh, it’s far past midnight already. So here it is, huh?

Happy birthday, dear Me. I guess for the next 24 hours you will see what you’ve done, what you’ve contributed to the world around you in your 20 years of living. ..which I don’t think there’s any. We’ll see.


Technically, I’m not sure if I’ve already turned 20, since I don’t exactly know at what time was I born. But since it’s a birthday, so.. there I have it. Happy birthday to me.

..20 years old? Dear God, I’m 2 decades old. One-fifth century old. And what have I done this far?

Author: nadhilaaz

Still trying to figure it out.

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