SPE Asia Pacific Petrobowl 2010

Haha I’ve just realized that I haven’t posted this.. It’s been sitting in my drafts folder. I think I’d  better post it, while we’re still in 2010..haha.

So.. About a month ago, on Saturday, November 20th, 2010, I participated in an event called “SPE Asia Pacific Petrobowl 2010”. It’s a competition for undergraduate students of majors related to petroleum industry. It took place in Trisakti University Jakarta, as a series of event of SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference (APOGCE) 2010.. I participated as a representative of SPE Student Chapter University of Indonesia. To think about it, it was my first time participating in a competition under the name of UI, so it’s a valuable experience for me.. hehehe.

So it started when I recklessly registered myself to be a representative of SPE SC UI in Petrobowl 2010.. But first, we have to take a selection test, because there’d only be 2 representative teams for UI, each has to consist of at least 2 different batch. So..yeah, without studying anything, without proper knowledge of petroleum engineering or so.. I took the test. I got nothing to lose, anyway.. so I just did it. Hahaha.

And miraculously.. I passed the test! Unbelievable! I even asked Kak Muthia, the one who delivered me the news as well as the person in charge of the selection, if she was mistaken.. hahaha. I’m not knowledgeable at all in petroleum engineering, yet I somehow managed to pass the test.. It was a miracle. Hahaha.

I was teamed up with Tania (a.k.a Sangke) and Kak Ers from batch 07. The other team was Kak Angel and Kak Kevin from batch 07, and Irene from batch 09.

The event started from Friday, where we had to stay at the Star Energy Guest House to attend the technical meeting there in the evening. The house was very big and cozy. However, seems that the rooms weren’t  made to accommodate many people, so we kinda have some difficulty in sharing some space to sleep. The rooms were big and spacious, only there weren’t enough bed and pillows. Anyway, at the guest house, we stayed together with participants from other student chapters. Aside of us from UI student chapter, there were Trisakti, ITB, UPN Yogyakarta, UGM, STT Migas Balikpapan, and Chulalongkorn University student chapter from Thailand, who came past midnight. After we had dinner, the technical meeting was held, led by Mas Tito Perdana, Mas Ramadhan, and Mas Titis from SPE Young Professionals.

In the next day, we had to prepare early for the competition. We had to take turns for shower..and then it happened. We ran out of water. -__- Because of that, I was late for breakfast. We also ran out of breakfast. By ‘we’, I meant me, and the participants from Thailand.. How embarassing, the farthest participant wasn’t accommodated well.. The guys were so barbaric -__- The breakfast was Nasi Uduk, with the chicken nugget, omelette, cucumber, and the  kerupuk. After I finished having shower (which was troublesome because the water barely comes out), all that’s left were the rice, the cucumber, and the kerupuk. And so that’s what left for us to eat. -__-

Then, we left for Trisakti with the campus’s bus. As soon as we arrive there, then the registration, and the opening ceremony, we started the competition. First match was Trisakti vs UPN vs UI (1st team). Unfortunately, UI team wasn’t able to score in this round :(

There were 13 teams while it was 3 teams per round. So there were 2 byes, and the 2nd UI team got one of the byes.  We were up against the guys from Thailand, the Chulalongkorn University.

Now here comes the interesting part. The Thai guy were majoring in Petroleum Engineering. No wonder they could answer the questions better than we could. There it went until they reached the score 105. We were getting uneasy because we still weren’t able to score anything.

Then there came the ‘True or False’ question. The MC, Mas Tito, read the question, “True, or false….”

Then suddenly, Ers signaled Tania to sound the buzzer.

And then we buzzed. TEEEEEEEEEEEET!

I was like, “Whaaat?? Why are we sounding the buzzer?” The MC pointed out to us, “Yes, UI?”

Then Ers just innocently answered, “TRUE”. How spontaneous! He randomly guessed just like that.

But what’s more amazing, is that the answer was correct!

“Ten points for UI!”

I had no idea about what just happened. We answered randomly, and it was correct?? The whole auditorium was filled with laughter for a few minutes. It was hilarious. Surprisingly funny.

After that, there were only miracles.

Slowly, we were able to catch up with the Thai group’s score!  We even surpassed them by 5 points. We answered question by question until we reached the score 110. We were at the score 110-105 to Thailand. Unfortunately, the next question was the last question before the time ran out, and the one to answer that question was Thai group. We lost 110-115 to Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

It was already a miracle that we  were able to catch up with their score, but in the end, we only lost by 5 points.. that kinda makes us feel a bit regretful, too. If only the time ran out before that question.. Haha. But it was great, really. It was really beyond our expectation, so.. Yeah. It was cool.

Anyway, the competition was finally won by ITB. Congrats, guys!

As the last part of the event, we had a BBQ party in the evening! The guys, again, was soooo barbaric in terms of feeding. Hahaha. In this closing event, representatives of each SPE SC had to perform something in front of the audience. Either singing/karaoke, drama, poetry, comedic act, or anything. It was fun. Then we also had free time after that. Me, Tania, Irene and some others finally come and chat up with the Thais. They were friendly and cute :) We chat about Thai cultures, about the university, and other stuffs. We even learned a bit about the language! Ase was very excited to learn Thai language. He kept on asking for more and more Thai phrases and conversations. It was very much fun :) I’m glad to have been there, to have participated in the event, to meet friends from other universities, moreover from another country. It was a very great experience, I was very lucky to have it. I hope I can participate in this event (or other events such as this) again next year :)

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