It’s A Small World After All..

Kalo diterjemahin dalam Bahasa Indonesia kurang lebih jadi, “Dunia itu sempit ya..” Itu adalah ungkapan yang biasanya diucapkan seseorang waktu mengetahui bahwa seseorang yang dikenalnya di suatu tempat, juga kenal dengan seseorang yang dikenalnya dari tempat lain (yang tidak saling berhubungan).

Dulu, kalo denger ungkapan kayak gitu gw cuma diem meng-iya-kan sambil sedikit takjub. Wah, gw kenal si A dari tempat X, si B dari tempat Y, ternyata mereka saling kenal ya! And then somebody would say, “Dunia emang sempit ya..”

Well, is it?

Jakarta sih iya.

Kadang gw heran dengan ungkapan begitu. And then it got me thinking.. Kalo menurut lo dunia itu sempit, berarti lo belum melihat dunia, men. It’s not a small world, you just haven’t travel far enough! Go farther. Try going to someplace far far away, someplace not related to your home, to your family, or to your workplace. Go someplace completely new, where you’ll meet total strangers. Some place you won’t meet someone your friends or relatives know of.

If you’ve gone to such place and still find people of such relation, then you must go farther! Go farther and farther until you reach a place totally strange to you. Even then, you might only have seen half of the world.

I’m just saying, there’s just a whole lot of things we have yet to seen in this world, so I think we don’t get to say such thing as the world is a small place.

Yeah, I’m just saying.

Bumi Allah itu luas, kawan! :)

Author: nadhilaaz

Still trying to figure it out.

Let me know what you think :)

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