Pas banget gitu dari kemaren lusa komputer gw gabisa internetan gara-gara kabel telepon putus ketimpa dahan pohon -__- Alhasil gagal ngapdet postingan.

Dohh, tahun ini gw bener-bener ga produktif ngisi blog. Bahkan postingan tepat setahun yang lalu pun masih ada di front page. -__- Oke, dengan posting ini pun gw resmi menenggelamkan postingan tersebut, dann.. sudah resmi pula gw berumur sama kayak nama  bioskop dan judul film. Oh meeeen.

So now I’m twenty-something.. Wow. Time flies. Back then, such an age felt like a looong way to go, but now..I’m there. But Dear Heavens, what have I been doing with my life since then? What am I going to do with my life from now on?

Oh well, I’ll find the answer to that. (Haha, antiklimaks)

Anyway, Dec 11th this year was just like any other days. Nothing extraordinary. Hell, it’s what my birthday’s like every year. So plain and dull. What would I expect anyway? Some midnight surprise? Yeah, you wish. There’s never even been a midday surprise, why would there be a midnight surprise? Sometimes I envy people who get birthday surprise. I mean, yeah it kinda sounds childish.. Wanting to get a birthday surprise? Pfft.

But well, am I wrong to wish I’d get one? I mean, isn’t it great to know that there’s someone, or some people, who care a lot about you that they’d spend some time and effort to prepare you a surprise? Doesn’t it make you feel.. special?

That’s why I like giving surprises. Even if it’s just something simple like secretly putting birthday gifts in my friends’ bags. *You know who you are, fellas. ;)* I even consistently give birthday surprises every year to a certain someone. One time, I even took a 3-hours-ride out of town on a weekday, to show up in front that person’s door without any notification whatsoever.

I always give people birthday surprises, but I never even got one myself, in my whole life. Kinda ironic, isn’t it?

I know it’s all about giving, and of course I don’t expect anything in return, but.. is it wrong if I just expect someone would do the same for me? Just once?

It would surely feels nice to feel special. It would surely feels nice to be needed. ..Wouldn’t it?

Maybe I should just keep giving people surprises. Maybe someday I’ll finally get one. Maybe.

So, well, this year’s Dec 11th, although no different from other days, it’s somewhat not as I expect it would be. Ever since I hid my birth date on Facebook, surely, the number of birthday wishes I got dropped very significantly. My Facebook wall hasn’t been suddenly flooded in one day. However, there were more people sending me birthday greetings compared to last year. Some were my closest colleagues at college, one of my closest  friend in junior high, and my best friend from elementary school. But I really didn’t expect getting birthday greetings from my other friends in college, and some of my friends from high school. They may have figured out my birthday from others’ greetings, and some may simply retweet them, but still, I didn’t expect that many birthday greetings, and..apparently it felt nice.

Lately I haven’t been sending out so many birthday greetings, because.. I don’t know. Ever since there are birthday notifications on Facebook, birthday greetings don’t sound so special anymore. It’s like, everyone can simply throw a “happy birthday” on your FB wall, even those who you barely even know. It’s like, people don’t actually remember your birthday anymore, Facebook does! Maybe that’s why I kinda stopped sending birthday greetings via FB. I don’t do it via Twitter, either. I’d rather send birthday greetings and wishes to people that I actually do remember having birthday, via text messages. Maybe I don’t want my birthday greetings to just be another birthday greeting on someone’s wall/timeline, that would sink under others’ posts in a count of minutes. I wanna show the people I care about that I do remember their birthday, that I don’t need Facebook to remind me, and that I care enough to come up with some good words and stop by to text them birthday wishes. I’d try to make them feel special, like I’d want them to do if I were they.

Think of the times when Facebook didn’t exist, eh?

I guess that’s sort of why I hid my birth date on Facebook. Wishing someone actually remembers my birthday, without needing Facebook to remind them. Apparently, some does remember. :) Again, even some people I didn’t expect getting birthday greetings from.

Although it kinda makes me re-think about my decision not to easily giveaway birthday wishes, I still want to make it simple and special. Maybe I should remember more people’s birthdays, so I can send out more birthday wishes. Haha.

Eh tuhkan malah jadi curhat.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the birthday greetings, people. Wishing all the best for all of you too. :)

Author: nadhilaaz

Still trying to figure it out.

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