Precious :)

Had such a fun quality time with my best friend, Matahari Indonesia, last weekend. Went to Bandung to keep her company since she couldn’t come home on Ied. Can’t describe in words how happy and excited I was. Enough said. :)

Went window shopping with my BFF. Something I never imagined I’d finally do.
Bought a pair of these.. Ain’t they cute? :3

Didn’t really want to say goodbye.. But this time, we parted to meet again, Insya Allah :’)

Also spent some time shopping with my mom and sister the next day.. And unexpectedly had quality time with my sister, at the best store ever: Ace Hardware, LOL. They really got great stuffs at Pasaraya Grande! I almost went crazy shopping. Thank goodness I’m not that shopaholic. :D

Me and my younger sister, Dini. Never had this much fun with her before :D
I so want this for my birthday! XD
Some of the stuffs I bought. Man, I really went shopping! LOL

I had so much fun last weekend! Nuff said. :)

Author: nadhilaaz

Still trying to figure it out.

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