Following Your Passion, Living The Dream

Some people say that following your passion is a privilege. Some would say it’s a choice. Me? I would rather say it’s a privilege you get for making the choice :)

Well, since it’s been quite some time that I’ve left my corporate job and not turning into another corporate job, I think it’s quite obvious that I am not following money.. So I think it’s safe to assume that I am following my passion. To think that I have never realized it before.. that this is my passion. That this is my life purpose. That this is where I can finally define my dream. It’s kinda funny, but it happens to most of us.

Although, if you ask me, “What is your passion? Teaching? Do you dream/want to be a teacher?” Haha I don’t know if I dream of being a teacher. I just know I never dreamt or even thought about being a teacher before. But if that is what’s necessary for me to achieve my life goal, then so be it. Either way, I know that teaching is one of the few steps I must go through, in order for me to achieve my dream.

Wait, so what is my dream?

If you ask me a year ago, or even a few months ago, I don’t think I would be boldly answering it. I mean, I sort of have such dream as a wish since a long time ago, but I never actually made plans for it. It’s as if I have put that dream so high up above, but I never actually made way for it. Funny, isn’t it? We all dream of something big, but sometimes, or even most of the times, we forget to make plans to achieve it. Well, maybe because life happens.

But now, I think I’d rather make life happens. Or at least try to do so.

I’ve sort of write my dream in my previous post, though. But here I go again:

I dream to make education better in Indonesia.

Sounds kinda simple and a bit cliche, doesn’t it? But I know it’s a really, reeeeeally long way to go. But I chose to at least start going that way, because it’s a long way, and I’ll never reach it if I never even started. So here I am, just a few steps from the starting line.

..And I found more than I expected. I somewhat found that I may seem to have a talent in attracting and dealing with kids :) I have mentioned some example in my other post; where some kids in the place I volunteered in kinda quickly get attracted to me, and a child of my acquaintance instantly got attached to me even though we’ve only met for 10 seconds.. Now I found even more proofs; at the place where I’m teaching (it’s some kind of math course for primary school students), I am known to be able to handle the most ‘difficult’ students, e.g.: the laziest ones, the ones with poor concentration, the hotheadeds, etc.. while I’ve been teaching for only less than 2 weeks!

So.. well, it could be some kind of talent, right? :D

Other than that, I’ve also been productive. Much, much more productive. I’ve been cooking (or at least experimented with, LOL) waaay more dishes in the last 2 weeks compared to the last 3 years of my post-graduate life. I’ve been blogging the same amount of posts compared to the last 2 years combined. Crazy how productive you can be when you actually enjoy life, huh? :)

And frankly, I can say that I’m happy(er). I no longer have to wake up so early in the morning just to get through crazy traffics, and race home in the afternoon just to get stuck in another rush hour everyday. Most importantly, I enjoy what I’m doing. I may feel as tired (as working in an office) at the end of the day –because you do spend a lot of energy dealing with kids! Try it yourself if you don’t believe me-, but I can definitely say that I’m happy. Maybe it’s the feeling you get for being able to help those children in understanding more of what they’re studying, maybe it’s the feeling for making an impact, or maybe it’s a feeling for simply being around children. Their innocence, their honesty.. It’s not something you easily find working in a corporate job.

Therefore, so far.. I think it’s safe to assume that I have found my passion.. and I am glad to have decided to follow it :)

I can only hope that Allah also agrees with me on it.


Author: nadhilaaz

Still trying to figure it out.

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