What Difference Do You Want To Make?

Okay, I know this challenge is long overdue; it’s supposed to be a 7 days blog challenge and I started it in mid April.. now it’s almost the end of May and I still haven’t completed these challenges.

But..well, I guess finishing late is better than never finishing at all, huh?

So the big question of the (supposed to be) 6th day of the challenge is:

What difference do you want to make in the world? What impact do you want to have? How do you want to make things a little better for society? What do you want to be remembered for once you’re gone?

Now that I think about it, I guess what I really want to do is to live my life fully aware, and help people to build awareness as well. I want people (and especially myself, of course) to live their lives fully aware, because awareness is the first (but I believe it’s the most important) thing that actually gives us purpose to do something. Our level of awareness determines how we make decisions. We make decisions and act based on what we’re aware of.

I think I’ve ever read somewhere that we are creatures of routines. Perhaps we are so adapted in living in routines that most of the time, most of us might not realize that we’re living lives in some kind of autopilot. Since we all make decisions and act based on what we know and are aware of, don’t you think that awareness is actually very essential here?

Now, being aware makes a whole lot difference. It is different from simply knowing. Perhaps you might know something, let’s say, an information; if you are not aware that the information is relevant to the situation that you are facing, most likely you wouldn’t include that information in your situation. Therefore, even if we have knowledge or power, without awareness, most likely these knowledge or power wouldn’t live to its true purpose.

Without awareness, most of us would just do things without really thinking it through. Or even feeling it, more importantly.

Without awareness, we might just give in to a situation with another person/party where we’re in a lose-lose position, and thinking to ourselves that we’re okay with it, even if we don’t actually feel okay about it.

Without awareness, we might act based on our truth, judge and do things as we see fit; without considering about how other people might feel, without trying to see it from their perspectives.

Without awareness, we might not realize that we’re putting ourselves as victims in many situations, thinking that we don’t have a choice while in reality, we always do have a choice; we just prefer not to deal with the consequences of the other choice.

Without awareness, we might not realize what’s inside of us, the beauty of ourselves, our true potentials. We might not realize that each of our lives are meaningful in their own ways, none of them would exactly be the same, because each one of us is unique.

Without awareness, we might not realize the importance of the people around us, of the experiences we’ve been through, of the opportunities the future holds.

I want to build awareness, especially for myself, because it is something that needs to be built and constantly nurtured, for it may swing up and down, on and off. Being aware and finding that awareness in the first place is not something as simple as turning the back of your hand, or flipping the ON switch. Well, indeed it feels as if an ON switch has clicked when you’re finally aware, but finding that ON switch itself is like trying to turn on the light in the dark and you have no idea where the switch is. And when the switch is finally flipped ‘ON’, it all becomes so clear.

But building awareness is not just a one time thing; it’s not like you’re finally aware and everything in your life would be just fine. Nope. Just like the light, awareness might not always be on. Perhaps something, or someone (might be yourself, unintentionally), might somehow turn it off once in a while. Sometimes, we might remember to turn the light back on. But sometimes (or even most of the time), we might need someone else’s help to turn it back on.

That’s why I want to live life fully aware, and I want people to live their lives fully aware as well. Because not only it is a key to living live to the fullest, helping to make an impact and creating endless opportunities for a better world (okay now I’m starting to talk big, ha!); but also because once in a while, we all need someone else’s help to turn that ‘switch’ back ON.

Okay, now at least you are aware of the need to be aware. That’s a first!

More on this later..

Featured image taken from Pinterest.

Author: nadhilaaz

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