What Revolution Will You Lead?

Now it goes down to this one simple question, which is not so simple to answer…

If I had written this post about one and a half month ago, I might have written boldly about how I want to lead a revolution in education, especially in my home country.

But then some things happened, and I was faced with some harsh realities (which I now realize that it may just be my reality) that made me feel not so sure about it. It even made me skip this LYL challenge for a month. I don’t want this post to be too long, so if you really want to know about what happened, you may read the story in the other post. (link to be updated)

It made me so doubtful of myself. I seriously doubted my competence and capabilities to actually lead that kind of revolution. I feel like I’ve really screwed up and feel so small that there’s no way I’d be able to do that.

But after a few pep talk with myself, talking to people (more like exchanging ideas, not talking about my problems though), and a lot of prayers.. I finally tell myself that I just gotta do it. I just gotta do something, anything I can think of, anything I could possibly do right now. Who cares if I can or cannot do it? I still want to make it happen. At least I know where I want to go. I’ll do something and I might at least learn something, no matter how little it is. Eventually I’ll figure out how to get there.

So here’s the revolution I want to lead. I want to lead a revolution in education. I want people to be aware of the true purpose of education. That learning is essential to life, that it is a lifetime process. Therefore, education is not only a responsibility of schools and teachers. It is everyone’s responsibility. Parents. Teachers. Government. Employers. Workers. Industries. Everyone. Everyone needs to know and be aware of what education is supposed to be about. It is not about leaving our children at school to be taught various knowledge from textbooks and expect them to be able to understand all of it by simply listening to teachers explanations, and then judge them by certain grading system. Surely you wouldn’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, would you?

So that would be the basic of the revolution I want to lead. I want people to be aware of it, to say the least. I want people to be aware that this kind of education is not good enough. That it could be the reason why our nation is not productive enough, why its development is much slower than we expect it would be. Because the people’s quality are simply not good enough, due to the current quality of education.

And of course, my revolution is about reformation of the education system. My idea is to establish a school implementing non-traditional methods/curriculum (focusing on experiential learning, exploring talents and potentials, life purpose, etc), and then creates a network of such schools, building a community of learner-educators who share the same vision of better education.. and formulate this guideline curriculum so we can expand it for other schools to implement. Also, this network shall be expanded to various communities (informal, volunteers, etc) specializing in education, therefore maximizing the impact. When we can revolutionize the way people think about education, when we are aware of this revolution, then we can actually revolutionize our educational practice. And make this new, reformed education accessible to anyone, anywhere.

It’s such a big idea for a revolution, I know. Sometimes I’m not so sure how I’ll get there.. sometimes I’m not even sure if it’s really what I want to do. But I guess at least it gives me a purpose, a direction. At least I know I’ll be doing something good. Who cares if I can or cannot do it? I still want to make it happen.

I’ll figure it out, eventually.


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Author: nadhilaaz

Still trying to figure it out.

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