Meeting Your 10-Years-Old Self: Evaluation on Life

A few weeks ago, I saw this #komik10tahun on Instagram and it sort of went viral among comic artists. There were many inspiring stories of how they imagine themselves meeting their 10-years-old self.

These stories inspired me to do an activity with my students.
I shared with my students about how most people actually “plan their lives” when they’re 10 years old. Not in high school. Not in college. Your real dreams and ambitions are created when you’re 10 years old.

It’s a prime age where dreams and imaginations start to meet the real world.

So, as I have introduced my students to the cycle of #merdekabelajar (plan-execute-evaluate), I share them that this moment is when you actually plan your lives. This is the time to decide what kind of adult you want to be.

Then you’ll execute these plans. A lot of things may change, but worry not, because then, you shall evaluate. In 15 years from now, you’re going to look back at this moment. You’re going to wish to meet your 10-years-old self and tell him/her so many things. That would be the moment in which you evaluate your life plans.

So dream big.
Imagine what you’ll be doing 15 years from now.
Tell your future self what you always aspire to do.
Write a letter to yourself 15 years from now.

And they did it.

Some of them enjoyed writing it, some got emotional. Either way, it was fun. And I believe that it was a wonderful thing to do.

Then they put it in an envelope and sealed it. Some of them even write on the envelope to not open it until 15 years later. 🤣

Why not give them a chance to plan their lives?
Why not give them a chance to go after what they aspire to do?

There was this moment after school, when all their friends were dismissed, two of my students were still working on their poster for Business Day. They shared me some of what they wrote in the letter to their future self, what they aspire to be in 15 years, their backup plan, and their backup-backup plan (that’s how they called it), and so on.

At one point, they asked me, “How about you, Ms? What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?”

I told them, “Well, I don’t really remember, but when I graduated elementary school, I wrote many things in my year book.”

“What did you write?” they asked.

“Well, I wrote that I wanted to be an illustrator/comic artist, I also wanted to be a guitarist, I wanted to be an athlete, a computer expert and stuffs..”

“Whoa, so many!” One of them said.

“Well those are my backup plans!” I said.

“And yet you didn’t become any of that. You became a teacher instead.” The other one said.

Then I told them, “Oh, you think so? Actually, I see otherwise. I never imagined myself becoming a teacher, indeed. However, by becoming a teacher, I get to draw anytime I like. I get to play music; even got the chance to learn how to play drums. I get to play the sport I love with you kids, any day I’d like. I get to teach you computer stuffs. And so on.”

“So, in a way, all my dreams sort of came true.” I said with a smile.

I don’t really remember how the rest of the conversation went, but I was so happy I spent some time with them after school.

It may not have been an easy life, but I am glad I went through it all.

I can at least say that everything I went through give me the inspiration to teach them. To share with them.

And I hope, 15 years from now, they’ll be looking back to that moment, that one fine day where their teacher told them to write a letter to their future self.

In syaa Allah :)


Author: nadhilaaz

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