The Contradicted Mind

Do you realize why you still suffer?

Because you still care about what others think.

You may say that you don’t, but it’s obvious what you’re doing. You’re hiding. You don’t want anyone to see you because you’re scared of what they might think about you. You still care about how others perceive you. That’s why you keep on pulling yourself away.

Oh, you do that because you don’t want to hurt anyone else? Who are you kidding? You’re not saving anyone, you’re saving yourself, aren’t you? You say that it’s better for people to not know you, because that way, no one else would get hurt by your mistakes, your stupidity, but really, it’s you who’s afraid of getting hurt, isn’t it?

Do you realize why you still feel miserable?

Yeah, why?

I’m Tired.

Tired of all the thoughts. Of all the voices. I’m tired of all the contradictions inside of me. It’s so tiring when your mind never stops asking for answers. When it always asks why for everything. But at the same time, it always find another answer that contradict the current answer. And it’s never satisfied with one answer.

It all narrows down to one question, anyway.”Why do we do anything at all?”

Yeah, why?