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Hi there!

My name is Nadhila Andanis Zafhira, better known as nadhilaaz in the cyber world. The nickname uniquely accounted for my full name anagram, and a meaning for posession as it sounds almost like “Nadhila’s” when you pronounce it.

Even though I studied engineering, I figured out my passion for education, and decided to pursue a career out of it. I am working to fulfill my dream of studying about education management in Finland. My greatest goal in life is to make a change in educational system in Indonesia.

I am not quite the talkative type. I prefer writing to talking, but actually I’m more of a kinesthetic type of person. I learn better by doing; I like to do things instead of just watching/reading or listening. People say I’m multi-talented, but I’d rather think of myself being able to do a bit of almost everything. I am proud of being able to do things most girls can’t. I don’t want to be like most girls, who are usually underestimated. I don’t like being mainstream. I am quite adventurous, I love outdoor and physical activities. I love animals, specifically furry mammals, and especially cats. I would really love to have a pet lion cub. :3

I am a futsal addict –was a team captain, and I like playing guitar in my spare time. I enjoy being in solitude, but I also feel my spirits recharged around people. I am flexible and adaptable. Want to know me more? Why don’t you try and find out? :)

Gosh.. I haven’t updated the description for about 5 years, so lame.. but I’m too lazy too write a new description :p


Click to view my Personality Profile page

A more recent (Mar 2016) personality test shows a different result of me being an INFJ-T :


Find me in:

1454549160-1454549160_goodreads_misc instagram-logo-transparent-png-i11 soundcloud

Location: Jakarta, ID

Hobbies and Interests: futsal, guitar, blogging, education, drawing and designing, computer, games, track & field athletics, FMCG, manufacturing

Favourite Books: One Piece, Dalam Dekapan Ukhuwah (Salim A. Fillah), Wonder (R.J. Palacio), Your Job Is Not Your Career (Rene Suhardono), Totto-chan (Tetsuko Kuroyanagi), A Cat In My Eyes : Karena Bertanya Tak Membuatmu Berdosa (Fahd Djibran), Journey To Be the Ultimate You (Rene Suhardono), Terapi Berpikir Positif (dr. Ibrahim Elfiky), books about life philosophy & self-discovery

Favourite band or musician: M2M, Marit Larsen, YUI, Michelle Branch, Yellowcard, Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, S Club 7, Plain White T’s, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Paramore, Depapepe, ELLEGARDEN, Imagine Dragons

Favorite genre of movies: drama, comedy, horror/thriller, action, animation

Favourite artist: Eiichiro Oda (One Piece manga)

MP3 player of choice: iTunes

Favourite game: Suikoden series, Mass Effect series, Fallout series, The Sims 3, Final Fantasy series, Resident Evil series, Guitar Hero

Other trivias:

Personality Test – Taken from Quizbox.

Fact Checking – 10 Facts about me.

Gold Raccoon – Me according to DU.

How Well? – What some friends say about me.


15 thoughts on “About The Writer

  1. […] I read her post,)  Zsa Zsa. (Lama banget ye baru dipost sekarang. Hehe. Maklum, sekalian ngisi about me jadi sekalian ditulis panjang2 :p) Well, don’t mind about the title.  Hanya salah satu bukti […]

  2. salam kenal

    dhilaaz replies:
    salam kenal juga :D

  3. mampir komen …
    :)semangat ngeblog…

    dhilaaz replies:
    oke bos.. :D

  4. Assalamu’alaikum.
    salam kenal. jangan lupa kunjungan baliknya.
    btw, liat keterangan dengan kepribadiannya, kok kita agak2 mirip ya?

    dhilaaz replies:
    Wa’alaikumsalam, makasih udah mampir.. oke dikunjungi balik :D
    he? mirip ya? :D

  5. dil..blog lo gw link k blog gw ye

    dhilaaz replies:
    oke bos, udah dil-link balik noh..

  6. salam kenal dari Malang

  7. halo dhilaaz, aku menemukanmu dari twit yang diRT @anakuidotcom , hehe dan akhirnya nyampe sini..
    salam kenal ya, barusan menyusuri postingmu, bagus! :D
    btw kamu tekkim angkatan berapa? aku ada beberapa temen teknik juga di UI, hihi

    • salam kenal juga, wah masa sih bagus? hehe thanks ya :D
      angkatan 2008.. wah, dr jurusan apa tmnnya? siapa tau kenal.. hehe kamu kuliah dmn jurusan apa? :)

  8. minta dipuji dua kali? hehehe..
    mm, ada firda bioproses 2009, Ade industri 2008, mas helmy teknik apaa gitu 2008, hehe..
    aku sastra indonesia ugm 2009.. harusnya aku panggil mbak dhilaaz ya :p

    • ah, lebay, hehehe..
      firda aku kenal.. ade aku kenalnya yg di teknik kimia 08 sama arsitektur 07, helmi kyknya tau tp gak kenal.. hhehehe

  9. salam kenal dari bloger Bandung ya…
    moga-moga makin banyak teman nih dari blog… hehehe

  10. Salam kenal dari Palembang

  11. This blog was amaze me …..great…

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