The Place I Belong

OneRepublic - Counting Stars. Play video for lyrics.

I just re-listened to this song thoroughly today, and realized that this is the theme song to my career turning point :)

Yes, I feel like I’ve given up a lot for the work I’m doing right now, but I think it’s totally worth it. I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’m in the best job I can possibly be in :)

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What Revolution Will You Lead?

Now it goes down to this one simple question, which is not so simple to answer…

If I had written this post about one and a half month ago, I might have written boldly about how I want to lead a revolution in education, especially in my home country.

But then some things happened, and I was faced with some harsh realities (which I now realize that it may just be my reality) that made me feel not so sure about it. It even made me skip this LYL challenge for a month. I don’t want this post to be too long, so if you really want to know about what happened, you may read the story in the other post. (link to be updated)

It made me so doubtful of myself. I seriously doubted my competence and capabilities to actually lead that kind of revolution. I feel like I’ve really screwed up and feel so small that there’s no way I’d be able to do that.

But after a few pep talk with myself, talking to people (more like exchanging ideas, not talking about my problems though), and a lot of prayers.. I finally tell myself that I just gotta do it. I just gotta do something, anything I can think of, anything I could possibly do right now. Who cares if I can or cannot do it? I still want to make it happen. At least I know where I want to go. I’ll do something and I might at least learn something, no matter how little it is. Eventually I’ll figure out how to get there.

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Why Do I Choose to Focus on Education?

This post is mostly a reminder to myself, but I guess it’d be great if it gives any benefit to anyone else, so here goes..

First of all, I believe that there is an eternal life after death. I believe in the afterlife. I believe that how or where we end up in the afterlife, is determined on how we “perform” in this life on earth. Surely we would want to end up in the best place in afterlife. Therefore, there’s a purpose in this life. There are missions to complete. It’s all stated in the Qur’an.

I choose to pursue a career in education because I believe it gives me a wide opportunity to reach that purpose. Given the reality of our country’s education up until today, I realize that I have goals, ideas and wishes I want to accomplish in the field of education.

It’s true that learning is a never ending journey. We’re all actually learning as we live. Even so, not many of us realize that. It’s possible that it is caused by the way we’ve been educated in schools, where we usually don’t really feel the joy of learning. Well, do you? I mean, do you remember all those tests you had to take when you were in school? Did you actually enjoy learning all those things? Did you actually want to learn all those things? Or did you learn them just because you’re told to do so? Did you learn them just because you had to pass all those tests? Did you know why you had to learn all those things? Did you make use most of those things you learnt?

If you answered no to most of those questions, don’t be disappointed. I’m quite sure most people might answered the same. At least I did. :)

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Following Your Passion, Living The Dream

Some people say that following your passion is a privilege. Some would say it’s a choice. Me? I would rather say it’s a privilege you get for making the choice :)

Well, since it’s been quite some time that I’ve left my corporate job and not turning into another corporate job, I think it’s quite obvious that I am not following money.. So I think it’s safe to assume that I am following my passion. To think that I have never realized it before.. that this is my passion. That this is my life purpose. That this is where I can finally define my dream. It’s kinda funny, but it happens to most of us.

Although, if you ask me, “What is your passion? Teaching? Do you dream/want to be a teacher?” Haha I don’t know if I dream of being a teacher. I just know I never dreamt or even thought about being a teacher before. But if that is what’s necessary for me to achieve my life goal, then so be it. Either way, I know that teaching is one of the few steps I must go through, in order for me to achieve my dream.

Wait, so what is my dream?

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Kenapa Resign?

Itu pertanyaan yang berulang kali ditanyakan ke gue beberapa bulan terakhir ini, dan sejujurnya gue lama-lama makin males ngejawabnya. Nggak, pertanyaan ini bagi gue nggak lebih mending daripada pertanyaan “Kapan nikah?” (And surprisingly, gue gak se-sering itu dapet pertanyaan kayak gitu, hahaha.)

Sebenernya banyak varian lain dari pertanyaan itu, misalnya, “Sekarang di mana?” (Yang bisa gue jawab setengah bercanda tapi bener: “Di sini! :)”), atau “Pindah ke mana?” (Kalo ini agak lebih susah ngelesnya, paling gue jawab “Gak ke mana-mana kok”, karena emang gak pindah company :D Atau kalo lagi jujur banget, gue bilang aja “Mau sekolah”.. tapi biasanya gue agak males jawab ini karena pasti banyak pertanyaan follow up nya.. yang setengah hati gue jawabnya karena emang belum dapet sekolah maupun beasiswanya, hehe..)

Dan ujung-ujungnya ketika orang tau gue simply resign walaupun belum dapet kampus dan bukan pindah ke company lain juga, pasti pertanyaannya jadi, “Lho terus kenapa resign? Gak sambil kerja aja? Kan sayang blablabla…”

Tentunya gue punya alasan dong. Tapi males gak sih ngejelasin ke tiap orang yang nanya kayak gitu. Akhirnya gue pun berpikir kalo ada lagi yang nanya kayak gitu, kayaknya mending gue respon dengan pertanyaan balik, “Kenapa nggak?” (Khususnya bagi mereka yang bekerja di ex-kantor gue tersebut, hahaha.)

Why not?