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This page is a short version of my portfolio. Check for more collection here:


Actually, I’ve always thought of design as my hobby instead of a job or profession. But quite some time ago, I thought about some things and decided to open a business in design and printing service someday.

Anyways, my passion for art and design started when I was a kid.. Sort of. I started drawing manga (Japanese comic) in elementary school. That time, I was obsessed with Aoyama Gosho’s shonen manga “Metantei Conan” (Detective Conan). I consistently draw manga through high school, since I met people with the same hobby.

I started off imitating those characters in comics, and as time goes by, I sort of figured out my own style. I used to draw the cover of Simple Plan’s “Still Not Getting Any” album.

I was such a fan of Simple Plan :p (Pencil on paper)

Yeah, like I said, I consistently draw throughout my school days, because I met people with the same hobby as mine.. Even those with better skills than mine. :)

In the later days of my junior high school ’til I was in senior high, I was introduced to design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel DRAW. And so I learnt digital art. I learnt to color scanned pencil lineart, create logo, and also design jackets and T-shirts. Some of the designs include classes T’s, stencil-plate assignment, also the design that won SMAN 28 Jakarta jacket design competition.

Art class assignment. (CorelDRAW)
Winner of SMAN 28 Jakarta jacket design competition. It was made into school jacket for one year long. Too bad I don’t own one of those. (CorelDRAW)
“Broken Promise” (Pencil on paper, scanned and digitally colored using Adobe Photoshop)

BTW, w0und3d.deviantart.com was my old DeviantArt account.. I no longer update it.

I barely draw anything serious in my university days, since I was enrolled into a major completely unrelated to drawing. Most of my drawing were just doodles in my textbooks.. Anyone borrows my textbook can see how crowded and messy my textbooks are. :)

In my freshman to sophomore year, I still got time to draw some stuffs and even color them digitally.. I even got myself a pen tablet for digital sketching and coloring. I couldn’t (and still can’t) do digital painting, though.. :)

Chiaki Shinichi from the drama “Nodame Cantabile”. (Pencil on paper sketch, digital coloring on Photoshop)

I also learnt video editing with the software Ulead VideoStudio. I don’t quite remember when I learnt to use this software, but the first video I successfully produce was a short introduction about oil & gas exploration and production, for campus event purpose (SPE Education Days 2010). Actually, all I did was combining the videos and added Indonesian subtitle.. but boy, video editing sure did require a lot of work.

Below is one of the original video, maybe I’ll upload my version later on Youtube.

Late in my sophomore year to my senior year, I tend to do more clothing and merchandise designing for campus events/organization purposes. Most of them were successfully produced. Below are some samples of the design.

Jaket FUSI FTUI 2010. (CorelDRAW)
A design submitted for jacket design competition. Didn’t win. (CorelDRAW)
An alternate version of a winning design in jacket design competition. The original design was used for the production. (Adobe Photoshop)
I’m proud of how the jacket turned out to be, but unfortunately I don’t own one.. (Adobe Photoshop)
Futsal Putri FTUI Jersey 2011 (Adobe Photoshop)

I also made a few merchandise design, some committee have asked for my permission to make them, but I’m not sure if it was ever up for production..

Mug DTK UI (CorelDRAW)

Earlier in my last semester in university, one of my friend as an ex-contender in Abang None Jakarta Timur, asked me to put together a teaser video for Abang None Jakarta Timur 2012. Here’s how it turned out:

Soo yeah, it’s pretty much the summary of my portfolio. If you need my designing services, please don’t hesitate to contact me via this blog or by e-mail to: nadhilaaz@gmail.com.

For more collection in my portfolio, you can check this out:


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