It’s My Life

It’s my life
It’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I’m alive

It’s my life
My heart is like an open highway
Like Franklin said, “I did it my way”
I just wanna live while I’m alive

Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

Lagu ini masih terus terngiang-ngiang di kepala gue sampe saat ini, tetapi itu nggak bikin gue kesel (seperti mungkin umumnya lagu yang terngiang-ngiang di pikiran), justru bikin gue lebih semangat :)

Ya, baru dalam 4 hari kebelakang ini gue bener-bener mendalami lirik lagu ini, dan meresapi maknanya. Ini hidup gue. Hidup gue adanya sekarang; nanti, besok, lusa, siapa yang tahu? Only Allah knows. Gue punya pilihan untuk menentukan hidup gue. Mau seperti apa? Mau dibawa kemana?

Dan ternyata gue udah pernah menulis tentang pilihan loh di sini. (Baru nyadar, hahaha. Terus sekarang nulis apa dong yah.)

Oh, iya. Kalau gitu sekarang gue nulis tentang kesadaran deh. Bahasa kerennya (eh, Bahasa Inggrisnya ding) sih awareness.

Apa itu awareness? Awareness adalah kesadaran. (Lah, dibolak-balik doang.)

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What Revolution Will You Lead?

Now it goes down to this one simple question, which is not so simple to answer…

If I had written this post about one and a half month ago, I might have written boldly about how I want to lead a revolution in education, especially in my home country.

But then some things happened, and I was faced with some harsh realities (which I now realize that it may just be my reality) that made me feel not so sure about it. It even made me skip this LYL challenge for a month. I don’t want this post to be too long, so if you really want to know about what happened, you may read the story in the other post. (link to be updated)

It made me so doubtful of myself. I seriously doubted my competence and capabilities to actually lead that kind of revolution. I feel like I’ve really screwed up and feel so small that there’s no way I’d be able to do that.

But after a few pep talk with myself, talking to people (more like exchanging ideas, not talking about my problems though), and a lot of prayers.. I finally tell myself that I just gotta do it. I just gotta do something, anything I can think of, anything I could possibly do right now. Who cares if I can or cannot do it? I still want to make it happen. At least I know where I want to go. I’ll do something and I might at least learn something, no matter how little it is. Eventually I’ll figure out how to get there.

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What Difference Do You Want To Make?

Okay, I know this challenge is long overdue; it’s supposed to be a 7 days blog challenge and I started it in mid April.. now it’s almost the end of May and I still haven’t completed these challenges.

But..well, I guess finishing late is better than never finishing at all, huh?

So the big question of the (supposed to be) 6th day of the challenge is:

What difference do you want to make in the world? What impact do you want to have? How do you want to make things a little better for society? What do you want to be remembered for once you’re gone?

Now that I think about it, I guess what I really want to do is to live my life fully aware, and help people to build awareness as well. I want people (and especially myself, of course) to live their lives fully aware, because awareness is the first (but I believe it’s the most important) thing that actually gives us purpose to do something. Our level of awareness determines how we make decisions. We make decisions and act based on what we’re aware of.

I think I’ve ever read somewhere that we are creatures of routines. Perhaps we are so adapted in living in routines that most of the time, most of us might not realize that we’re living lives in some kind of autopilot. Since we all make decisions and act based on what we know and are aware of, don’t you think that awareness is actually very essential here?

Now, being aware makes a whole lot difference. It is different from simply knowing. Perhaps you might know something, let’s say, an information; if you are not aware that the information is relevant to the situation that you are facing, most likely you wouldn’t include that information in your situation. Therefore, even if we have knowledge or power, without awareness, most likely these knowledge or power wouldn’t live to its true purpose.

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Semangat Baruku

Sunday is over
We are all going home
No reason to stay here
But no one has made a move

We know that for sure
Nothing lasts forever
But we have too many things
Gone too fast

Let’s make a wish, easy one
That you are not the only one
And someone’s there next to you holding your hand

Make a wish, you’ll be fine
Nothing’s gonna let you down
Someone’s there next to you holding you now

Make a wish, easy one
You are not the only one
Someone’s there next to you holding your hand

Make a wish, you’ll be fine
Nothing’s gonna let you down
Someone’s there next to you holding you now
Along the paths you walk


Ya, lagu itulah yang sangat pas mengiringi perpisahan kami di Villa Merah, 20 Maret 2016 kemarin. Seluruh rangkaian acara telah selesai, tapi kami tak kunjung beranjak pergi. Seolah jiwa-jiwa kami belum ingin berpisah. Padahal, kami belum pernah bertemu sebelumnya. Kami “hanya” bertemu selama 4 hari, namun ternyata, momen itu mengubah hidup-hidup kami.

Atau setidaknya, mengubah hidup gue.

Kalo biasanya gue bikin postingan panjang-panjang banget, kali ini gue speechless.

Mereka semua orang hebat.

Mereka semua keren.

Mereka semua tadinya orang-orang yang sama sekali asing.

Tapi kemudian mereka semua mengubah gue.

Mereka semua jadi keluarga baru gue.

Mereka semua semangat baru gue.

Gue belajar banyak dari mereka, dan ternyata mereka pun belajar dari gue. Mereka semua membuat gue menjadi orang yang lebih baik, dengan atau tanpa mereka sadari. Mereka bersedia mendengar gue, mendukung gue, menyampaikan apa adanya pada gue, mengamini mimpi-mimpi gue. Pun gue untuk mereka. Mereka bahkan lebih dulu percaya sama gue daripada gue percaya sama diri gue sendiri.


Terlalu banyak hal yang bisa gue ekspresikan buat mereka. Terlalu besar rasa terima kasih gue untuk mereka.

Tapi kemudian gue kembali ke dunia nyata.

Ada saat-saat dimana gue kembali merasa kesepian. Sendirian.

Dan dunia luar itu begitu keras.

Emosi negatif begitu mudah menghampiri.

Begitu mudah kembali meracuni hati ini.

Dunia nyata terasa jauh lebih kejam ketika sendirian.

Tapi aku adalah aku.

Aku yang kalian percaya.

Aku yang kalian berikan hati kalian sepenuhnya.

Aku yang bisa memilih, apakah aku akan larut dalam kesepian

Ataukah aku akan menjaga dengan baik hati yang kalian titipkan.

Dan aku pun terbangun dengan pesan-pesan kalian.

Aku terbangun dengan semangat baru

Aku kembali terbangun dengan kesadaran.

Ternyata kalian masih bersedia mengingatkan.

Terima kasih, SIAware 25. Terima kasih, keluarga besar SIAware.

Akan kujaga hati yang kalian berikan.

I love you.

I give all my heart to you.


Jakarta, 22 Maret 2016. ©nadhilaaz