Start With Why

Sorry. This is not the book review.

Gue cuma sedang mencoba memetakan isi pikiran gue sendiri. Gue sedang mencoba memetakan apa yang gue pikirkan, apa yang gue rasakan, sehingga membuat gue melakukan apa yang gue lakukan sekarang: memperjuangkan pendidikan keluarga.

Gue sedang mencoba merunut kembali, apa yang mendasari pilihan gue itu.The strong why.

The grand why.

Kenapa perjalanan gue mencari model pendidikan yang (mendekati) ideal itu akhirnya mengantarkan gue menuju kesimpulan bahwa pendidikan yang (mendekati) ideal adalah yang sesuai dengan fitrah peserta didiknya.

Dan institusi yang paling (mendekati) ideal untuk menjalankan pendidikan berbasis fitrah itu, adalah keluarga.

Yeah, why?

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Surviving (Near-)Depression and Building Something Meaningful

I’m baaaack! (Yeah, well, you know the drill. As usual, I’m such a seasonal blogger.)

The last few months hasn’t been great for me actually. I almost fell into depression, if not actually depressed. And the last post about a place I belong? Boy how I was so wrong. Sekolah Alam is only great from the outside, but inside, it’s just as conventional as the school next door. At least that’s what I can say, based on my own experience. Not to belittle other Sekolah Alam, though.

Anyway, so now I’ve left the job at Sekolah Alam. I’m not proud of how I did, but I’m kinda glad I made the decision. I did went through terrible time after I resigned, I was in a very low point in the last few months, as if I didn’t know how to live anymore (yes, it was that bad)..but somehow I was able to pull myself back up. All praise to Allah, Alhamdulillah. And I finally figured out what I’m meant to do, or at least, what I really aspire to do.

Currently I’m back teaching as a freelance, looking for a suitable teaching job in alternative schools, and building networks in education. Last month I went to #PestaPendidikan in Bandung, and also joined Fitrah Based Education workshop. They were very insightful. I realized that what I enjoy the most is learning, and I’m always excited to learn, be it through seminars and workshop, or through interacting with people. I like talking about and spreading ideas, and get very excited when the people I talk to share the similar ideas.

Now I’m very excited to build @sekolahparenting, as a fitrah based education community. (Please do join! Any parents, parents to-be, educators or anyone who wants to learn and share about parenting are very welcomed.) Later when the community is solid, I think it’ll be much easier to build and develop a fitrah based school together. I’m very optimistic on this. Bismillah, I hope Allah Gives blessing on this plan.

It’s still a long way to go, but I think it’s gonna be an interesting journey.. Let’s collaborate! :)