There are always options on how to make people comply or follow something.

You can make them comply by fear; make them feel small, feel guilty, feel like there’s no other way but to follow..
Or you can make them comply by love, by passion; make them feel special, feel like they’re good enough, that there’s still hope for them, and more beautiful things would come if they would follow.

Which do you think would be more inviting?

Surviving (Near-)Depression and Building Something Meaningful

I’m baaaack! (Yeah, well, you know the drill. As usual, I’m such a seasonal blogger.)

The last few months hasn’t been great for me actually. I almost fell into depression, if not actually depressed. And the last post about a place I belong? Boy how I was so wrong. Sekolah Alam is only great from the outside, but inside, it’s just as conventional as the school next door. At least that’s what I can say, based on my own experience. Not to belittle other Sekolah Alam, though.

Anyway, so now I’ve left the job at Sekolah Alam. I’m not proud of how I did, but I’m kinda glad I made the decision. I did went through terrible time after I resigned, I was in a very low point in the last few months, as if I didn’t know how to live anymore (yes, it was that bad)..but somehow I was able to pull myself back up. All praise to Allah, Alhamdulillah. And I finally figured out what I’m meant to do, or at least, what I really aspire to do.

Currently I’m back teaching as a freelance, looking for a suitable teaching job in alternative schools, and building networks in education. Last month I went to #PestaPendidikan in Bandung, and also joined Fitrah Based Education workshop. They were very insightful. I realized that what I enjoy the most is learning, and I’m always excited to learn, be it through seminars and workshop, or through interacting with people. I like talking about and spreading ideas, and get very excited when the people I talk to share the similar ideas.

Now I’m very excited to build @sekolahparenting, as a fitrah based education community. (Please do join! Any parents, parents to-be, educators or anyone who wants to learn and share about parenting are very welcomed.) Later when the community is solid, I think it’ll be much easier to build and develop a fitrah based school together. I’m very optimistic on this. Bismillah, I hope Allah Gives blessing on this plan.

It’s still a long way to go, but I think it’s gonna be an interesting journey.. Let’s collaborate! :)

What Difference Do You Want To Make?

Okay, I know this challenge is long overdue; it’s supposed to be a 7 days blog challenge and I started it in mid April.. now it’s almost the end of May and I still haven’t completed these challenges.

But..well, I guess finishing late is better than never finishing at all, huh?

So the big question of the (supposed to be) 6th day of the challenge is:

What difference do you want to make in the world? What impact do you want to have? How do you want to make things a little better for society? What do you want to be remembered for once you’re gone?

Now that I think about it, I guess what I really want to do is to live my life fully aware, and help people to build awareness as well. I want people (and especially myself, of course) to live their lives fully aware, because awareness is the first (but I believe it’s the most important) thing that actually gives us purpose to do something. Our level of awareness determines how we make decisions. We make decisions and act based on what we’re aware of.

I think I’ve ever read somewhere that we are creatures of routines. Perhaps we are so adapted in living in routines that most of the time, most of us might not realize that we’re living lives in some kind of autopilot. Since we all make decisions and act based on what we know and are aware of, don’t you think that awareness is actually very essential here?

Now, being aware makes a whole lot difference. It is different from simply knowing. Perhaps you might know something, let’s say, an information; if you are not aware that the information is relevant to the situation that you are facing, most likely you wouldn’t include that information in your situation. Therefore, even if we have knowledge or power, without awareness, most likely these knowledge or power wouldn’t live to its true purpose.

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Budaya Menghukum dan Menghakimi dalam Sistem Pendidikan Kita

Ditulis oleh: Prof. Rhenald Kasali (Guru Besar FE UI)

LIMA belas tahun lalu saya pernah mengajukan protes pada guru sebuah sekolah tempat anak saya belajar di Amerika Serikat. Masalahnya, karangan berbahasa Inggris yang ditulis anak saya seadanya itu telah diberi nilai E (excellence) yang artinya sempurna, hebat, bagus sekali. Padahal dia baru saja tiba di Amerika dan baru mulai belajar bahasa.

…Karangan yang dia tulis sehari sebelumnya itu pernah ditunjukkan kepada saya dan saya mencemaskan kemampuan verbalnya yang terbatas. Menurut saya tulisan itu buruk, logikanya sangat sederhana. Saya memintanya memperbaiki kembali, sampai dia menyerah.

Rupanya karangan itulah yang diserahkan anak saya kepada gurunya dan bukan diberi nilai buruk, malah dipuji. Ada apa? Apa tidak salah memberi nilai? Bukankah pendidikan memerlukan kesungguhan? Kalau begini saja sudah diberinilai tinggi, saya khawatir anak saya cepat puas diri.

Sewaktu saya protes, ibu guru yang menerima saya hanya bertanya singkat. “Maaf Bapak dari mana?”

“Dari Indonesia,” jawab saya.

Dia pun tersenyum.

Baca lanjutannya..

Steal This Presentation!

I may be a bit late to figure out about this, but this is really cool. These are really cool tips, and I just want to share. This has got to be useful. Say no more, just check it out.

I don’t own this, obviously. Go check it out and other presentation slides at Time to have more fun with PowerPoint(s)! (y)