..but To Love Is Not As Simple

Indeed, isn’t it?

Apparently, loving a child is somewhat complicated.

Many times it seems as if they don’t pay attention to what we say or do. As if they’re not listening to us. However, every single thing we do may apparently affect them for the rest of their lives.

I am not a parent (yet), but being a teacher somehow gives me insights of experiences of being a parent. I now understand how it might feel for parents, how they might worry whether what they’re doing or the choices they make are the right ones for the child. Because what they do right now might determine the rest of the child’s life.

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Miapah gue nemu code mainan favorit gue sepanjang masa: Tetris. Hahahaha. Iya, ini mainan favorit gue dari jaman masih make komputer IBM. Gue selalu lomba tinggi-tinggian highscore sama adek dan nyokap gue.. Seinget gue sih gue masih yang paling tinggi :p

Udah gitu katanya game ini bisa ngilangin setres loh! Coba baca postingnya Mas Irfan Handi deh, saya juga dapet code nya dari sana.

Nah, selamat bernostalgia, menghilangkan stress, dan bersenang-senang dengan game ini! (y)